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Best preventative care for quality health

We care about your pet’s health, and we’re dedicated to keeping them healthy.


Regular exams

Dental care

A microchip is a tiny device that assigns a unique number to your animal. This allows shelters and veterinarians use the number to locate the owners.

We perform regular exams on all types of animals to make sure your pets are in the best health possible. This includes checking their hearts and performing blood work.

Humans are not the only ones that need to have a healthy mouth; animals do too. We specialize in performing high-quality dental work on animals big and small.


Digital x-rays


Our medical assessments will help you to avoid costly problems in the end. We’re able to find problems that animals might have before the problem worsens.

We have the capability of performing digital x-rays in our office. If we feel your pet needs to have an x-ray, we’ll perform one while you are here with your pet and discuss the results with you.

Ultrasounds are an optimal way to ensure there are no serious issues with your pets internally. Our trained staff members will perform an ultrasound on your pet if deemed necessary.

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