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We’re qualified to examine all kinds of pets.

Routine examination


Friendly staff

Wellness exams are just like checkups for humans. Even though your pet may appear healthy, it’s crucial to have your pet further examined on a regular basis.

A routine examination allows us to get a better picture of your pet’s overall habits and health. This gives us a chance to find any underlying issues and offer advice.

Our friendly staff is happy to fully examine your pet and answer any questions you might have. We’re fully qualified and work hard to create a comfortable atmosphere.

What we check

All breeds

Old and young

During the examination, we’ll listen to your pet’s heart and lungs, evaluate their vision, check their ears, perform lab work, palpate joints and muscles, and perform parasite testing.

Wellness exams are ideal for all breeds and all animals. It’s important to ask a vet today their recommendation on how often your pet needs a wellness exam.

Younger animals need more frequent wellness examinations, but older animals also need to have regular checkups as well.

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